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Ameristar Winter Weekend

One of my favorite events that became an annual occurrence through Ameristar Casino was my Winter Weekend in the Colorado Rockies. The event originally consisted of 30 guests from Wisconsin looking to come out for a sleigh ride excursion in the Rocky Mountains. Through strategic advertisement and detail-oriented coordination, I was able to create and lead a yearly event that brought in over 300 guests from across the country spanning over two weeks. My Winter Weekend consisted of advertising campaigns throughout the country, booking flights and coordinating itineraries with luxury transportation, booking accommodating hotel rooms, and scheduling a detailed trip itinerary while guests were on property. Once guests were on property, I hosted a Welcome Reception consisting of live music, themed hors d’oeuvres, and branded attire as a welcome gift. The next day, guests would transport to Frisco where they boarded a horse-drawn sleigh and caravanned to a cabin on top of a mountain. From there, they enjoyed a 3-course dinner while enjoying live music and dancing. By the end of the trip, the guests were provided transportation home, and once gone, I had to analyze and provide financial reports to determine ROI. Year over year, my ROI has increased from 17% to 31% proving to be a very successful event.